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  • January 27th, 2009 at 8: 10 pm the islamic courts were doing just fine in stablizing the country, werent they? but anything islamic is definitely not the flavor of the day, so the islamic courts were run out of town and a puppet from puntland was installed in a new, and phony, government.

    Somalia Ruined: Intervention Fails Again « Blog

  • Filimkan oo tayo leh ka daawo www. somalisomalia somaliland puntland somalipaltalk hees heeso warkii saafi filims somali music hiiraan somali video youtube somali somali youtube youtube somali voa somali somali pirates music somali somali pirates somalia somali bbc somali songs somali news somali heeso heeso somalian somali girls youtube somali voa somali somali pirates somali pirate hindi af somali hindi somali somali google somali video somali tv somali lyrics - Articles related to Turkish Cargo Ship Seized by Somali Pirates

  • Maxamed Rashad, cumar Faaruuq ... soomaaliya somali somalia somaliland africa ethiopia eritrea puntland ogaden ogadenia Afghanistan Albania Algeria Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Benin - Articles related to Emirates becomes first Arab airline to operate Czech Republic route

  • Culture and Heritage Government of Puntland Tel: +252 90 794315/+252 90 397794 E-mail: - Articles related to Google, Yahoo criticize Australian Internet filter

  • The U.S. navy actually works with the pirates, a puntland minister admitted that pirate small boats go by huge U.S. ships without the slightest fear of being attacked.


  • Not necessarly annexation but possibilities are high given the relation ships with puntland and somaliland.


  • First of all, the Ethiopians always go in and out of Somalia so this is no surprise. there is no conventional somalia army just insurgents and jihadists who think they get virgins for suicide bombing. secondly, why did you ignore the United Nations peace-deal, which was the only reason why ethiopia left somalia as part of the deal. and you lack knowledge about clan fighting in somalia because the islamist are certain clans only, without any control in puntland and somaliland. what about american tax money in humanitarian aid and development projects sent for years?? also the moderate islamists are working with the government because the PM is successfully negotioting. i just wasted my time trying to explain to an idiot. give me back my 2 minutes!!

    Somalia Ruined: Intervention Fails Again « Blog


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  • B.B.C. News: 'Even these figures overstate the number of pirates that actually face trial because they include those handed over to the authorities in Puntland, the semi-autonomous region in the north-east of Somalia from which most pirates come.'

    March 10, 2009