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  • n. strict and austere religious conduct


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  • There was not a trace of Manicheanism in him, and he called puritanism, in his biography of Louis XIV, an “evil out of the pit”, meaning the pit of hell.

    Hilaire Belloc: Defender of the Faith

  • To what degree this new puritanism is due to indoctrination or to the fear of retribution is a matter of speculation.

    Communist China—Time for Reappraisal

  • But the Joyce-Eliot group come later in time, puritanism is not their main adversary, they are able from the start to ‘see through’ most of the things that their predecessors had fought for.

    Inside the Whale

  • Having confessed, according to the terms of the text, that the field or ground is not the Church, but the world, he proceeds, with a very strong animus against what he calls puritanism or separatism, [14] to argue in the usual way against every attempt to purify the visible

    The Parables of Our Lord

  • But you still hung, burnt at the pyre, slashed the throats, raped, murdered and pillaged the "savages" or those who would not adopt Christianity or your Victorian-era puritanism, which is responsible and has influenced much of the homophobia in many countries in Asia and Africa. - Because visibility matters

  • The business park was the outpost of an advanced kind of puritanism, and a virtually sex-free zone.

    Ballardian » The Office Park

  • Note 64: Former partisan, D. Grizona, also refers to the 'puritanism' of the partisan leadership (Boutzouvi-Bania, 1993: 206). back

    Arms and the Woman: Just Warriors and Greek Feminist Identity

  • In the end, I’ve come back to pastry puritanism the only kind of puritanism I can stand.

    pie crust 102: all butter, really flaky pie dough | smitten kitchen

  • Bruckner described a sheriff on a Florida beach ordering him to cover his naked two-year-old daughter, as an example of the US's "problem with sex", which he described as "twisted puritanism" resulting from the alliance of "feminism and the Republican right".

    Dominique Strauss-Kahn will fly home to a France divided over his reputation

  • • Hugh Hefner's problem, says Diogenes, was not with puritanism, but with modesty, "because modest men do not purchase pornography."

    Misc., This, and That


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  • "Puritanism - The haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy."

    - H. L. Mencken.

    September 29, 2008