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  • n. The practice of an athlete progressively increasing the dosage of an illegal drug to a maximum, and then progressively lowering it, between competitions so as to reduce the chances of being caught

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  • n. a fraudulent business practice involving some form of pyramid scheme e.g., the chain of distribution is artificially expanded by an excessive number of distributors selling to other distributors at progressively higher wholesale prices until retail prices are unnecessarily inflated


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  • And because the tax applies to all business transactions, it creates what economists call a "pyramiding" effect that has a damaging overall economic impact.

    The Death of Single Payer Health Care

  • He had set out to monopolise the coastwise steamship trade of the country, and had bought line after line of vessels by this same device of "pyramiding"; and now, finding that he needed still more money to buy out his rivals, he had purchased or started a dozen or so of trust companies and banks.

    The Moneychangers

  • All the while outside input is garnered via "pyramiding," which often translates into a phone tree to communicate with other parents and teachers.

    Chicago Reader

  • "The next step is 'pyramiding' or putting those genes together into the same plant."

    Western Farm Press RSS Feed

  • In its unanimous report of 1909 the committee found that the greatest evil of the stock market was "pyramiding" of speculation for the rise on the basis of previous paper profits, now used as "margin" for still larger ventures.

    The Big Picture

  • Companies that service mortgage loans are prohibited from engaging in certain practices, such as pyramiding late fees.

    The XBroker

  • The related pay and classification problems have contributed to this "pyramiding" of supervisors upon supervisors to justify grade levels. (

    Npr Report Human Resource Management Part

  • Despite his many sources of revenue, Daylight's pyramiding kept him pinched for cash throughout the first winter.

    Chapter XII

  • In this way, fractional reserves create new money, pyramiding it on top of a fraction of old deposits.

    Matthew Yglesias » Is The Fed Stifling Recovery?

  • In fact, he played the dangerous game of pyramiding, and no more perilous pyramiding than in a placer camp could be imagined.

    Chapter XI


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