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  • n. any of a class of heterocyclic amines having a saturated five-membered ring; especially the parent compound of this class, C4H9N

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  • n. A basic liquid, , or tetrahydropyrrol, made by reducing pyrroline with red phosphorus and hydriodic acid. It boils at 87.5–88.5° C. Also called pentazane.


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From pyrrole and -ide (lipid).


  • Praline (a shortened version of "pyrrolidine," which is the name given to the particular atom arrangement in proline's side-chain),

    The Human Brain

  • But I thought I used a simple SMILES when I typed C1CNCC1, but ChemSpider got it wrong : The correct structure should be pyrrolidine, not pyrrole.

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  • We also find that PMA and LPS increase the level of hres mRNA while pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate (PDTC), which is an inhibitor of Sp1 binding, abrogates the basal, and also PMA/LPS induced resistin mRNA levels.

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  • Kuntz DA, Hoffman D, Janzer RC, Gerber-Lemaire S, et al. (2008) Functionalized pyrrolidine inhibitors of human type II alpha-mannosidases as anti-cancer agents: Optimizing the fit to the active site.

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  • Polyvinyl pyrrolidine, a common ingredient in hair sprays, is designed to increase smoothness and flexibility of the hair.

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  • Keppra is a member of the drug class pyrrolidine anticonvulsants. keppra information at Drugs. com



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