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  • adj. Written in four languages.
  • adj. Able to speak four languages.

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  • In or using four languages: as, a quadrilingual inscription; a quadrilingual interpreter.


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quadri- + -lingual


  • Some examples follow below, from the quadrilingual Dutch work of the period, Moderne Kerken in Europe en America, which also includes some strange Central European and French monstrosities, not shown here -- though I admit a secret fondness for the etherial openness of Perret's Notre Dame du Raincy, just not all that exposed concrete.

    Some Examples of Early Twentieth-Century Scandinavian Church Architecture

  • Here in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE) Mission, established by the Dayton peace accords, is leading the way in providing electronic information to Bosnia diaspora, young people, nongovernmental organizations, journalists, academics and researchers around the world through its quadrilingual Web site.

    Atomic Energy: Yeas And Nays

  • I also know a yound Nepali boy who was trilingual in Nepali, Hindi and English before he went to school, and became effectively quadrilingual when he started attending a school with a large Punjabi roll.

    On being linguistically defeated

  • Looking back on a career spanning half a century, the “Kaiser” indulges Proust, and us, with his thoughts on indifference, Monday mornings, and being quadrilingual. photograph by

    Proust Questionnaire: Karl Lagerfeld

  • Three of the four daughters of the Vasquez family who owns it are fluently bilingual, one is quadrilingual; one studied at the Cordon Bleu in Paris and runs the kitchen, and another, when she learned a group of German scientists was booked for the 1991 eclipse, added German to her language repertoire of Spanish, English and French.

    Nayarit: San Blas, Tepic and in between

  • At least this one looked short; usually he went on for several pages, unburdening his soul to "cher James," in a misspelled quadrilingual patois that at least made it clear he sought no secretarial help for his personal letters.

    Dragonfly in Amber

  • I long to see him and his wife driving past, with the proper escort of Life Guards, under a vista of quadrilingual mottoes, bowing acknowledgments to us.

    Yet Again

  • Yet Belgium is bilingual and Switzerland is quadrilingual.

    The Valley of Vision : a Book of Romance an Some Half Told Tales

  • A quiz: If a person who speaks three languages is trilingual, and one who speaks four languages is quadrilingual, what is someone called who speaks no foreign languages at all? Chronicle

  • German actor Christoph Waltz was named best supporting actor for his role as the charming, sadistic quadrilingual Nazi villain in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, a performance almost guaranteed to bring an Oscar as well. Top Stories


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