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  • In the game, there are three chasers per team, whose jobs are to score goals using a volleyball, otherwise known as a quaffle, to Harry Potter readers.

    Emily Thorp: The Quidditch World Cup Starts Today!

  • The chasers try to score through the hoops using a small ball called a quaffle; the keeper tries to keep goals from being scored; the beaters throw balls at opponents, which adds an element of dodge ball; and a seeker tries to catch the snitch. - News

  • As player James Di Paolo explains, the "ball is called a quaffle and the chasers (players) are using this ball to throw in one of the three hoops on each side of the field."

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  • Soon, trotting around on brooms while trying to whip a "quaffle" through a hoop caught on.

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  • Teams score points by throwing the "quaffle" Benepe uses a volleyball through the hoops.

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  • In Muggle Quidditch, chasers try to throw the quaffle – a volleyball – through a hoop.

    Quidditch In Central Park: Harry Potter Game Comes To Life In New York

  • In this design the fuckstick quaffle is conveniently located right next to the golden snitch.

    Regretsy – Sewing Machine Fund

  • I was fiddling with the tension in his foot & should have been minding his fuckstick quaffle.

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  • Harry Potter played quidditch, the quaffle a metal orb that whizzed along a meandering, roller coaster-like track.

    Disney FD takes the cake at gingerbread contest

  • For those who have somehow escaped the Quidditch craze, it is a game in the Harry Potter series of books that involves two teams, each of seven players -- three Chasers, two Beaters, one Keeper and one Seeker -- who ride on broomsticks trying to score points by tossing a ball called a “quaffle” through goal hoops, while one player tries to catch a small ball called the Golden Snitch.

    Schools field teams for Quidditch World Cup


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