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  • n. Plural form of quipu.


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  • An Inka accounting system that used knotted strings called quipus to record numerical data has long been known to scholars.

    Talking Knots of the Inka

  • In other words, we are seeing a president of a XXI century country propose to go back to an economical system which had been even overcome long ago, even by the Incas: they might not have had real currency or writing but they had the quipus and efficient central planning with extensive intra regional trading.

    11/12/2006 - 11/19/2006

  • It's been generally assumed that the quipus are largely accounting records for decades at least. QUIPU.

  • At conference of Andean scholars this past June, Laura Laurencich Minelli, a professor of Precolumbian studies at the University of Bologna, described what she believes to be a seventeenth-century Jesuit manuscript that contains detailed information on literary quipus.

    Talking Knots of the Inka

  • Colgate University's Gary Urton, a specialist in quipus, is skeptical about the manuscript's authenticity.

    Talking Knots of the Inka

  • If much of the historical content is suspect, what about the document's information about quipus?

    Talking Knots of the Inka

  • [The curaca] listed the main key words with an explanation of how to realize them in quipus.

    Talking Knots of the Inka

  • According to Cumis there were quipus that differed from the ones used for accounting.

    Talking Knots of the Inka

  • In addition to details about reading literary quipus, the document discusses events and people associated with the Spanish conquest of Peru.

    Talking Knots of the Inka

  • Were quipus also used to record calendars, astronomical observations, accounts of battles and dynastic successions, and literature?

    Talking Knots of the Inka


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  • deceptive pronunciation.

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