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  • adj. Referring to the science of radiometry.

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  • Pertaining to the radiometer, or to the experiments porformed by it.


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  • Truth is, there are wide margins of error in radiometric dating that fairly demand results be taken with a large grain of salt.

    All those liars for Jesus

  • Topics include: new developments in radiometric dating and the geologic time scale; timing of the onset of plate tectonics on Earth; a possible tool for identifying orbitally-driven changes in sea level; discovery of a new type of fossilized hot spring; macrobenthic response to the K-P boundary event; new insights into tectonics on Mars; and formation of ultradeep diamonds in former oceanic crust.

    Technology Law; Science

  • The method of using radioactive decay to measure absolute age is called radiometric dating

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  • Phil, it's fine if you want to take the approach of rates varying over time, but then apply that approach consistently to other observed rates, such as radiometric dating.

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  • In favor of long periods of time: a "day" CAN mean an indefinite period of time, and does mean this in some places in scripture; there is a lot of activity on day six (animals and Adam created, Adam lonely, Eve created, animals named); some scientific evidence seems to indicate the earth is old (such as radiometric dating of some rocks).

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  • They reject the methods of science (e.g. radiometric dating for evolution; computer modeling for global warming).

    2009 December 20 | Serendipity

  • And this was before the advent of radiometric dating.

    19th Century Evangelical Scholars, Old Earth and Evolution

  • It's not just sending commands and receiving data, but also orbit determination, or keeping track of where the spacecraft are with radiometric tracking data so that spacecraft navigators can get probes exactly where the scientists want them to go.

    Improving the Conversation: NASA Begins Upgrade to Deep Space Network | Universe Today

  • The Institute for Creation Research has a project called RATE, whose intent was to overturn radiometric absolute dating methods as evidence for an old age of the earth.

    The Panda's Thumb: Wesley R. Elsberry Archives

  • It does not impact the techniques of radiometric dating.

    ICR throws in towel -- then reaches for another - The Panda's Thumb


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