from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

  • preposition In the company of; accompanying.
  • preposition Next to; alongside of.
  • preposition Having as a possession, attribute, or characteristic.
  • preposition Used as a function word to indicate accompanying detail or condition.
  • preposition In a manner characterized by.
  • preposition In the performance, use, or operation of.
  • preposition In the charge or keeping of.
  • preposition In the opinion or estimation of.
  • preposition In support of; on the side of.
  • preposition Of the same opinion or belief as.
  • preposition In the same group or mixture as; among.
  • preposition In the membership or employment of.
  • preposition By the means or agency of.
  • preposition By the presence or use of.
  • preposition In spite of.
  • preposition In the same direction as.
  • preposition At the same time as.
  • preposition In regard to.
  • preposition Used as a function word to indicate a party to an action, communicative activity, or informal agreement or settlement.
  • preposition In comparison or contrast to.
  • preposition Having received.
  • preposition And; plus.
  • preposition Inclusive of; including.
  • preposition In opposition to; against.
  • preposition As a result or consequence of.
  • preposition So as to be touching or joined to.
  • preposition So as to be free of or separated from.
  • preposition In the course of.
  • preposition In proportion to.
  • preposition In relationship to.
  • preposition As well as; in favorable comparison to.
  • preposition According to the experience or practice of.
  • preposition Used as a function word to indicate close association.
  • adverb As company; along.
  • idiom (in with) In league or association with.
  • idiom (with it) Interested in and sensitive to the latest styles and trends; up-to-date.
  • idiom (with it) Streetwise and knowing; savvy.
  • idiom (with it) Mentally competent.

from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun A prefix of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning ‘against.’ It was formerly common, but of the Middle English words containing it only two remain in common use—withdraw and withhold.
  • noun See withe.
  • Against: noting competition, opposition, or antagonism: as, to fight with the Romans (that is, against them); to vie with each other.
  • Noting association or connection.
  • Harmony, agreement, or alliance: as, one color may or may not go with another; to fight with the national troops; to side or vote with the reformers.
  • Combination or composition: as, wine mixed with water.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

[Middle English, with, against, from, from Old English; see wi- in Indo-European roots.]

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Middle English with, from Old English wiþ ("against, opposite, toward"), a shortened form of wiþer, from Proto-Germanic *wiþr- (“against”), from Proto-Indo-European *wi-tero- (“more apart”); from Proto-Indo-European *wi (“separation”). Cognate with German wider ("against") and wieder ("again"), Dutch weer ("again"), Danish ved ("by, near, with"), Swedish vid ("by, next to, with"). In Middle English, the word shifted to denote association rather than opposition, displacing Middle English mid ("with"), from Old English mid ("with"). Cognate to Old-Frisian mith ("with"), Modern Frisian mei ("with"), Dutch met ("with") and German mit ("with").


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  • I believe firmly that in cultivated speech, with and words beginning with it — withal (with-ALL), withdraw, wither, withhold, within, without, withstand — should be pronounced with the “voiced” th of bathe, lather, and rather, and not with the “voiceless” th of path and bath. One advantage of following this guideline is stronger, clearer speech. The voiced th is resonant; the voiceless th is lispy and weak. This is an avowed pet peeve of mine, and by no means do all authorities agree with me on this punctilio, though many do. — The Orthoepist

    December 1, 2010

  • Thanks. To me, it seems, it’s the more intuitive alternative anyway. :-)

    December 3, 2010

  • An autantonym: for - "I'm with you on that." v. against - "Got into a fighting with my wife."

    September 20, 2016