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  • n. The process of taking an image described in a vector graphics format (shapes) and converting it into a raster image.


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  • To avoid potential confusion, let me define "rasterization": For our present purposes, it's the process of determining which pixels are inside a triangle, and nothing more.

    Gamasutra Feature Articles

  • Mr. McCombe said graphics chips have hundreds of specialized calculating engines that are particularly good at rasterization, which converts three-dimensional models into pixels on a computer screen.

    Start-Up Promises More Game Realism

  • Computer games and other PC software typically rely on a technology called rasterization.

    Start-Up Promises More Game Realism

  • "Their peak throughput power of GPUs for rasterization appears to grow as a factor of two (or more) every year, because of the video gaming industry, which provides the economic motivation," he wrote in a reply to e-mailed questions.

    Supercomputing's Next Revolution

  • Each specific formatting, rasterization, and tagging option can now be done on a per-object basis:

    Ars Technica

  • Multisampling increases the cost of some stages along this pipeline (notably rasterization, depth/stencil testing, and framebuffer writes), but it does not affect the areas that are most often performance bottlenecks (vertex fetch, vertex shading, texture fetch, and pixel shading).

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  • The idea is simple: instead of increasing the resolution for all rendering, what if we do triangle rasterization and depth/stencil tests at the higher resolution, but leave pixel shading and texture lookups at the original, lower resolution?

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  • Because triangle rasterization and depth testing are performed at the higher resolution, multisampling is every bit as good as supersampling at combating triangle edge and geometry aliasing.

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  • For instance, consider a pixel shader that implements a vector rasterization algorithm.

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  • There are two ways to generate a three-dimensional image for a two-dimensional screen: rasterization and real-time ray tracing.



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