from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A keen, razor-like edge; hence, any situation which is precarious and close to the verge of destruction: as, to stand on the razor-edge or razor's edge.


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  • I frequented bars, stayed razor-edge thin, and was sort-of although I could be mistaken dating a drummer from a band called Otis Coyote.

    Sabina Murray: On the Women of Freedom and The Marriage Plot

  • He drew it forth - it was fully two feet long -- and, to demonstrate its razor-edge, sliced a sheet of newspaper into many ribbons.


  • The blade of the hatchet had been ground to razor-edge.


  • Having spent all his life in cramped New England, where sharpness and shrewdness had been whetted to razor-edge on the harsh stone of meagre circumstance, he had found himself abruptly in the loose and free-and-easy West, where men thought in thousand-dollar bills and newsboys dropped dead at sight of copper cents.


  • Plus modeling has become a safety net for many of the taller, larger-framed models who cannot maintain the razor-edge silhouette required, even with an eating disorder.

    Leona Palmer: Big Girls, Real Food: Beauty, Health, and the American Diet

  • LONDON — There's only one good bet in Britain's razor-edge election: It's likely to reshape the country's politics in historic ways.

    UK Election: Who Will Lead Britain If No One Wins?

  • Fini does not have enough supporters to rob the prime minister of his majority, but if they began even to abstain they would condemn Berlusconi to a legislative nightmare of endless, razor-edge votes in parliament.

    Silvio Berlusconi's 'gag law' sparks media strike in Italy

  • Veronica tweets about the razor-edge sharp interviews she conducts on her show.

    Neal Rodriguez: 10 of the Hottest Girls @Twitter

  • The candle on its shelf of rock cast its light sidelong over him, honing every sharp line of his face into a quivering razor-edge, and flaming in the dazzling irises of his eyes, dilated with doubt and wonder.

    A River So Long

  • The line between protective and possessive with all theseer, entities, was razor-edge thin.

    Dancing with Werewolves


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