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  • adj. superlative form of real: most real.


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  • Speaking to GQ magazine in what she calls the "realest" interview she's ever done, Snooki says she's been saving all her money in order to support herself when the MTV reality show is off the air.

    NY Daily News

  • The falseness of a persona begins to pinch when we encounter ultimate things, which is to say the realest, truest, deepest meanings behind ordinary events.

    Ultimate Things

  • Ironically, this is the "realest" reality show there is.

    Simon Maxwell Apter: Jersey Shore: The Apotheosis of Reality

  • I like that she's one of the "realest" contestants we've seen on "Idol" in a long time. Today's Latest Headlines

  • The Iceman Diaries is going to be the "realest" boxing book ever to hit the stands, I honestly believe that.

    Doghouse Boxing News

  • It's the "realest" touch screen Verizon has ever got.

    Boy Genius Report

  • What do y'all think the 'realest' or 'truest' representation of life has been in TV drama?


  • Honest, humorous and, of course, peppered with La Waldorf's haughty Upper East snide commentary about their class differences, the mismatched buds are the realest thing going in a world where Serena can land a job in Hollywood by simply having read a book and Elizabeth Hurley wants to do Nate in a stairwell.

    Watercooler: Gossip Girl's Best Non-Couple

  • It's the realest, purest, finest thing that can happen to a man.


  • I don't know if she drinks or not, but the bit about having a shot of [tequila] in her seemed by far the realest part of the night.

    M.I.A. Spits On A Photographer, BOMBS NYC Show (VIDEO)


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