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  • adj. Being, or pertaining to, recreation.
  • adj. Creating anew.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Tending to recreate or refresh; recreating; giving new vigor or animation; reinvigorating; giving relief after labor or pain; amusing; diverting.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Tending to recreate; refreshing: giving now vigor or animation; giving relief after labor or pain; amusing; diverting.


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  • But Smith said the majority did not adequately define just what those activities are or attempt to answer questions Lippman's ruling poses, such as why the Lake George youth's banister-sliding was not "recreative"? - Newswire

  • Besides, I had written a string of successful books, and society demands some portion of the recreative hours of a fellow that writes books.

    Chapter 29

  • The band really started as a recreative side-project for all of us.

    Mike Ragogna: Monday Madness: Chatting with Rob Zombie, Danny Elfman, Devo's Gerald Casale and More

  • The right to decide, and the means to achieve it, whether and when sexual intercourse shall be recreative or procreative.

    'Trivial Complaints:' The Role of Privacy in Domestic Violence Law and Activism in the U.S.

  • Memory is a recreative process — if you want your last memory of someone to be happy, just pick a happy memory.


  • To use it to refer to purely recreative interracial sex is to use the term falsely, unless of course, the kink is for unsafe interracial sex that leads to pregnancy.


  • Cats - invariably female - were Egyptian symbols for female sexuality and the recreative force, embodied in such goddesses as Bast (Bastet) and the powerful and ancient lioness-headed Sekhmet (Sakhmet), an aspect of equally ancient goddess Hathor (Het-hert), often depicted as a cow-headed woman.

    Paintings from the Lost Tomb of Nebamun

  • The difference lies in whether the culture prefers them to be available for procreative or recreative sex, not in whether they are actally respected as human beings.


  • One is able to intentionally disabuse oneself of mechanically-acquired habits and attitudes that lead to misunderstanding, incompetence, and incomplete or distorted compassion, and take action that is creative novel rather than merely recreative or repetitive.

    Becoming critical, competent, conscious, & compassionate

  • But chiefly, let the music of them be recreative, and with some strange changes.

    The Essays


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