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  • adj. Not avowed.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not avowed or openly acknowledged: as, unavowed dislike.

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  • adj. not affirmed or mentioned or declared
  • adj. not openly expressed
  • adj. not openly made known


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un- +‎ avowed


  • For Obama to do the courageous thing and withdraw would mean having deployed against him the unlimited wrath of the mainstream media, the oil interest, the Israel lobby, the weapons and security industries, all those who have reasons both avowed and unavowed for the perpetuation of American force projection in the Middle East.

    Christopher Lydon: David Bromwich On Obama: Looking At Words Closely

  • Today, American chefs, in their unending hunt for novel match-ups of flavor and texture, have lately been deploying the date in a kaleidoscopic range of recipes, serving an unavowed drupaceous minicuisine to an unsuspecting foodie public.

    Hot Dates Make It on the Restaurant Scene

  • Had there been unavowed connivance of the police agents?

    Les Miserables

  • The chief executive of Caterpillar, an unavowed fan of Cinquecento garden design, wants to create for his palatial mansion located just outside of his company's world headquarters in Peoria, Illinois, a replica of the gardens of Villa D'Este, an exact copy, in fact, except that it will be planted with native vegetation of Plant Hardiness Zone 5a.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • Indeed, the two paradigms against which Badiou measures himself are -- on the one hand -- Heidegger's thinking of finitude, and -- on the other -- the scientific naturalism of mainstream analytical philosophy, with its unavowed subjective correlate, an unbridled instrumental attitude to the world.


  • Saturday evening when I went to visit her in the little sitting-room on the ground floor, which the unavowed proprietor had had regilt.


  • The real though unavowed cause I believe to have been the growth of the Athenian power, which terrified the Lacedaemonians and forced them into war; but the reasons publicly alleged on either side were as follows.

    The History of the Peloponnesian War

  • Shelley circle to the often unavowed obsessions of professional Romanticists.

    Introduction: 'The Power is There': Romanticism as Aesthetic Insistence

  • The first sure traces of an influence of al-Ghazali on Judaic thought appeared rather early, around 1160, when Abraham Ibn Daud employed his major philosophical work, The Intentions of the Philosophers, as one of the main unavowed sources of his

    Influence of Arabic and Islamic Philosophy on Judaic Thought

  • Joined to the obvious interests which arose from curiosity and anxious passion, there mingled in my feelings a strong, though unavowed and undefined, infusion of jealousy.

    Rob Roy


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