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  • adj. of grey tinged with red


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  • In the morning she wore a velvet burgundy-colored blazer with a reddish-gray shimmering skirt:

    Red Hot Letizia: Which Look Is Better, Day Or Night? (PHOTOS, POLL)

  • There beside MacLean stood Mary, her broad face damp with perspiration, her reddish-gray hair curled riotously, her rotund form shaking with laughter.

    Much Ado About Marriage

  • Me and Rinty had the doggier look OPEL favors for its cyborgs, designers at the Outer Planets Exploration Laboratory, coming as they had mostly from North America, favoring Western norms: Longer muzzles, with short, straight fur, mine a foxy reddish-gray, Rinty more tan-gold-black.

    New Race

  • But, by their barking, these foxes, with reddish-gray hair, black tails terminating in a white tuft, had betrayed their origin.

    The Mysterious Island

  • Almost dead center is a sizable reddish-gray granite column base with a recessed center meant to support a hefty wooden column.

    Interactive Dig Hierakonpolis - Fixing the Fort

  • Stone's nostrils flared, his tufted reddish-gray eyebrows puckered, and his pointy little teeth flashed briefly as if he might bite Carol.

    The Pull of the Moon

  • With the trowel-another laser-cut adaptation-he began to smooth the next line of the reddish-gray mortar across the top of the stones already set.

    Fall of Angels

  • Wenak's skull burst open with a sickening, muffled crack, like the splintering of rotting timber, and left an odious smear of reddish-gray pulp on the wall.

    Conan The Hunter

  • In West Africa, there are three recognised types: nigra, widespread in Mali, with small tubers and blackish skin; rubra, with small reddish-gray or reddish-yellow tubers; and alba, which is whitish.

    Chapter 19

  • The road was paved with concrete; it consisted of two rows of cracked, reddish-gray blocks.

    Hard to be a god


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