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  • adj. Stale, trite, or commonplace through overuse; clichéd: bromidic gags in sitcoms.

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  • adj. stale, banal, clichéd

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. of or pertaining to bromide (definition 2).
  • adj. conventional or trite; repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse -- of sayings, assertions, or discourses.

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  • adj. dull and tiresome but with pretensions of significance or originality
  • adj. given to uttering bromides


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  • She paid homage to the good points of Flamingus, but he was too cut and dried, "bromidic," she classified him, for Derry had carefully explained the etymology of the word.

    Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley

  • Obama largely repeated his bromidic message on the Jon Stewart show, where he announced how darn proud he was of Americans for going about their daily business -- educating their kids, showing up for work, taking their vitamins, flossing, walking the dog.

    Jacob Heilbrunn: Obama's Tactical Press Conference

  • Through several bromidic chapters, she exhorts us to resist the temptations of the "Midlife Industrial Complex"—the cosmetic surgeons, the manufacturers of Cleopatra's 24K-gold skin cream, botox and Restalyne—that try to turn middle age into a disease in need of a cure.

    Old Enough to Know Better

  • When he speaks on the debt negotiations, he is not only extremely boring, with airy and bromidic language—really they are soul-killing, his talking points—but he never seems to be playing it straight.

    Out of the Way, Please, Mr. President

  • To use Katherine Graham's favorite adjective, the prose can only be described as bromidic.

    Margaret Heffernan: John Browne's BP Memoir: Not So Much Beyond Business as Beyond Belief

  • I had only the slimmest shard of respect for this hack previously based on his bromidic articles, but that phrase confirms that I will never waste another moment on his writing or opinions. taptup

    Tarantino Updates His 2009 Top 8 - Plus, A Crazy Medieval Film Rumor | /Film

  • In contrast to these banal and bromidic tomes, California political consultant Richie Ross has just penned “My Letters to Dead People,” a lively little volume which is one-part personal history and one-part professional perspective about some of the biggest personalities and events of the last four decades in state politics.

    Richie Ross Talks to Dead People; Garry’s Oops

  • Natürlich—both adjective and adverb—is a normal, indeed fairly bland and bromidic word in German.

    The Metamorphosis, in The Penal Colony,and Other Stories

  • But like all people who stand before you holding a trophy, I feel compelled to say that I can't help thinking a mistake has been made, and unlike most of the people who utter those bromidic words, I actually believe them.

    Nora Ephron: On Being Named Person of the Year

  • All candidates favor the now-bromidic slogan: change.

    Archive 2008-01-01


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