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  • adj. comparative form of robust: more robust


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  • So Tony Cornish, who was _dans le movement_ gently intimated to his hearers that what may be called a robuster tone ruled the spirit of the age.

    Roden's Corner

  • My robuster strength of added years, my increased skill, and all I had learned from the books, were responsible for this increase of twenty dollars.


  • Fearing the dark, into which he observed all men passed, he built beyond the dark a fairer region, a happier hunting-ground, a jollier and robuster feasting-hall and wassailing-place, and called it variously


  • And willowy she was, with a normal waist and with, in addition, always that informing bodily vigour that made her appear rounder and robuster than she really was.


  • The acquaintanceship ripened at Hurlingham on tickets furnished by Podmore, a man of independent means, who desired them to see him shooting pigeons; for this was in the full blush of that desirable practice, when a robuster community still connected the expression pigeon-shooting with the expression sport.

    On Forsyte 'Change

  • The sister was reputed in Barchester to be a model of female beauty of the strong and robuster cast, and had also a better reputation as being a girl of good character and honest, womanly conduct.

    Doctor Thorne

  • To the robuster type of man of letters, to the Dickens or Kipling kind of man, it would be impossible to wish better luck than to be born into that bubbling pot-full of things.

    My Contemporaries In Fiction

  • In a short time the servant returned bearing a silver salver, on which were placed wine and a venison pasty, (for the robuster appetites of our ancestors would have scorned more delicate viands,) which he placed on a sideboard.

    The Knight of the Golden Melice A Historical Romance

  • The Swiss tour had in a measure bridged over the interval; for when he returned it was with a taller and robuster frame, more strongly marked features, and a new and indefinable expression that was the result of widened experience, and, last of all, without the beautiful curls which had helped to make the child's face what it had been.

    Story-Lives of Great Musicians

  • The robuster natures preferred rod and line, or line only, in the waters of Bolowen Pool to any dalliance with stink-pots and specimen cases.

    Secret Bread


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