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  • n. regular expression


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  • Besides, one of the most useful features of RegEx Buddy is it's plain English regex tree that makes it easy to understand exactly what a regular expression does - step by step.

  • A regular expression (called regex) is a way for a programmer to instruct how a program should look for a specified pattern in text and then what it should do when each pattern match is found.

    Ajax Blog

  • Regular Expressions, or 'regex' for short, are a very powerful set of text manipulation and pattern matching libraries that have existed on UNIX for decades but which are only now available in FileMaker Pro.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • If you're familiar with 'regex' or 'grep', then you already know that 360Works Patterns plugin is something you will want to add to your FileMaker toolkit.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • i dont need any kind of regex search, BUT i would love to be able to specify a set of search terms and shown any file with any of the terms. Forum

  • Idea: implement a Slasher regex against the Tweetstream then track/thank well-formed slashers from @IAmTheSlasher.

    New microsyntax for Twitter: three pointers and the slasher | FactoryCity

  • New searches and reports (ad hoc or scheduled) can easily be created, either by inputting regex expressions or copying and modifying an existing object.

    Log management review: Splunk 4

  • Individual files within a selected folder can be included or excluded using regex (regular expression) syntax.

    Log management review: Splunk 4

  • If you passed in yes to the show_domain parameter, then at the end of title will be found ‘- = = yes’ and the second regex will match and do the substitution with the link.

    Yahoo Pipes, Now with Pseudo Branching! : #comments

  • You use the Regex module to modify the title and then at the same time you use another regex rule to * remove* the special tag and the name from the title that was passed in.

    More Pipes Pseudo Branching : #comments


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