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  • n. A shooter who makes their own ammunition from separately purchased components.
  • n. The equipment used by such a shooter, particularly a levered press used to force the components together.
  • n. a speedloader.
  • n. Agent noun of reload; one who reloads.

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  • n. In transportation, a self-loading conveyer used to collect and transport coal from a coal-storage yard or pocket and to deliver it to railroad-cars or vessels or to place it in other near-by storage-places. In one form the conveyer is loaded by means of a self-filling bucket; in another a horizontal bucket-conveyer, supported by a swinging arm pivoted at one end, travels in a circle along the edge of a coal-heap, sweeping up and taking away the coal as fast as it slides down. See coal-storage.


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re- + load + -er


  • And the MEC JR Mk 5 reloader is the cheapest way to start reloading the shells without loading or feeding problems from what I have experienced.

    For those of you speaking from experience: what is the best shotgun for going after both quail and dove?

  • Blogs are full of opposing views on presses -- what has been perfect for one reloader is a veritable piece of junk to another ...

    I Love Hornady!

  • For those who regularly burn ammo at the range, a reloader is a great way to save money on an expensive hobby.

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  • Oh, I forgot, you're not gonna blow the whistle on your con buddies now are you. think a bit will you? the shells go in buckets, the buckets go to scrap dealers. the scrap goes to the highest bidder. many used shells could go to a reloader, which is a wholly different thing, because there just aren't that many around. if prop wants his 40 cal, he can reload them himself. otherwise, he''s got to be a better shopper.

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  • Powder makers publish data, bullet makers publish data, "reloader" makers publish data and then there's posted data in web sites.

    How Handloading Can Improve Your Love Life

  • I have a reloader load what is a good powder charge for reloading a .243 with unique powder have noticed the stores in my area in the past few days restocked thier rifle and hand gun ammo the selfs are full and the pric

    "Power Belt" CRAP !

  • I have a reloader load what is a good powder charge for reloading a .243 with unique powder

    .40 S&W vs.

  • I have a reloader load my neighbor and i ordered .22 magnum rounds over the internet on cabelas last spring and they are still on back order!!!!!!

    .40 S&W vs.

  • I have a reloader load data guide but I can't find anything for that specific bullet and I don't need to blow anything up ... thanks

    Does anybody have load data for a 185 gr berger vld match hunter in 300 wsm.

  • That as infalable as he had become in his lengthy (6 month) career as a pistoleer and reloader. anything remotly (incorrect) with anything he did in that arena could not possibly happen.

    An Expert Gunsmith on Over-Pressure Rounds and Exploding Handguns


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