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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of repair.


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  • A few blocks away are Kelly Ingram Park, with its statues of police dogs and fire hoses, and the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, long since repaired from the bombing.

    All things reconsidered: NPR's Michele Norris tells her family's complete story

  • The biggest thing I have repaired is toilet flappers.

    Mechanic Fail or no I cannot fix teh washing machinze - SpouseBUZZ

  • Next day, he again repaired to the market-street where he showed a friendly bias towards the merchants and borrowed of them more money, which he distributed to the poor: nor did he leave doing thus twenty days, till he had borrowed threescore thousand dinars, and still there came no baggage, no, nor a burning plague. 38 At last folk began to clamour for their money and say, The merchant

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • A thousand bucks would get the woodgrain repaired on my Pontiac, and even a hundred would pay for the new headliner.

    June 2005

  • Two of these things have been "repaired" - only to still not work or work for a while and then quit again, necessitating another trip to the store or repair shop with time we just don't have.


  • If I’m to do my fair share of the housework (and yes, household repairs, mowing the lawn, and keeping both our cars maintained and repaired is just as much housework as cleaning, but nevertheless I clean too), then the woman is to do her fair share of paying for things!

    Responses to the commenters on the “Guilty Pleasures” post. « A Bird’s Nest

  • Some of work has already been completed, with the roofs of all the buildings being replaced or repaired, which is why there have been fewer open days this year.

    Crossness event - 23rd August

  • Thats why we dont call it Newtonian mechanics anymore, we call the repaired version “Classical Mechanics” which is what is taught in schools all over the world today.

    Reinike Supports Teaching Creationism at

  • In many places the road was in that condition called repaired, having just been whittled into the required semi-cylindrical form with the shovel and scraper, with all the softest inequalities in the middle, like a hog's back with the bristles up, and Jehu was expected to keep astride of the spine.

    The Maine Woods

  • One Mercedes engineer estimated that, worldwide, up to 50,000 vehicles may have to be repaired, which is a blow for a company which prides itself on reliability and quality.

    The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed


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