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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of repel.


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  • About 100 soldiers attended the game, including four who repelled from the rafters. - Hockey - Vancouver vs. Toronto

  • Right-wing forces were repelled from the tiny, multi-racial town of "Happy Holidays" in a stunning "Little Engine that Could" victory for the good guys.

    Think Progress » VIDEO: A Merry O’Reilly Retraction

  • The charge of the ion is hence changed from negative to positive, and the ion is repelled from the terminal and accelerated towards the exit of the tube which is earthed.

    Accelerators and Nobel Laureates

  • No; the name repelled me -- as all popular names repelled me.

    Confessions of a Young Man

  • When the current is repelled from the sea by adverse winds, when the ordinary bed is inadequate to the weight of waters, they rise above the banks, and overspread, without limits or control, the plains and cities of the adjacent country.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • But his resolute expression repelled one just because one felt that its resoluteness cost him little.

    A Raw Youth

  • The other cowboys, a robust crowd, found his behavior mulish and told him, "You better forget that Indian gal and do yourself some good in Cheyenne, " but the idea repelled him, and they began to think he might be effeminate.


  • We are "repelled" by the highjacking of literature for these moral purposes because it is not "sincere."

    John Dewey's *Art as Experience*

  • The simple reason for that assertion is plain scientific logic: we would expect that a positively charged Sun would repel positively charged protons, and attract negatively charged electrons; however, what we actually observe is that both electrons & protons are being 'repelled' by the Sun, and that immediately negates any consideration of the Sun having a net electric charge that can be detected anywhere in the solar wind flow.

    Do "Skeleton" Filaments Give Structure to the Universe? | Universe Today

  • Park and any further attempts by council workers to cut-off electricity supplies would be "repelled".

    ANC Daily News Briefing


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