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  • n. this sense?) A representation, a thing serving to represent something (as to an interpreting mind). It is a representation in the sense of something which represents, as opposed to its operation or relation of representing, and also as opposed to a process or activity of representing, which produces it. (The produced representamen can itself seem or be a process or activity, for example a song or a theatrical performance, or a rock's tumbling in an informative way, or a logical argument).

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In metaphysics, representation; an object serving to represent something to the mind.


From Latin repraesentamen (Wiktionary)


  • The sign itself (also called the representamen) is the term in the sign relation that is ordinarily said to represent or mean something.

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  • That is to say, the interpretant stands in the representing relation to the same object represented by the original representamen, and thus represents it to yet another interpretant.

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  • Obviously, Peirce's complicated definition entails that we have an infinite sequence of representamens of an object whenever we have any one representamen of it.

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  • Peirce uses numerous terms for the signifying element including “sign”, “representamen”,

    Peirce's Theory of Signs

  • (the “representamen”) to (or: in) a third thing (the “interpretant”); moreover, the object is represented by the representamen in such a way that the interpretant is thereby “determined” to be also a representamen of the object to yet another interpretant.

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