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  • v. Present participle of reproduce.


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  • Painters no longer saw the point in reproducing reality in the era of photography; poets and novelists no longer saw the point in clinging to traditional narrative and familiar forms, in straining to entertain "the people" in the era of vaudeville and movies.


  • You have to take into account the feedback provided by natural selection in reproducing organisms.

    Are Stereochemical Explanations Causally Sufficient?

  • The selective factor: natural selection by the environment which eliminates those variants which are less effective in reproducing their kind; i. e., the agent determining in which direction species-change will take place

    April 20th, 2009

  • The U.S., while still reproducing, is currently headed in the same direction as Europe and the hope-killing socialist utopian dream.

    MIND MELD: Is Science Fiction Responsible for the Lack of Public Interest in Space Exploration?

  • I feel justified in reproducing so much of this painful material because it undoubtedly assists us in forming a picture of the many repressions and reticences that have allowed Naipaul to continue canalizing his experiences into works both of fiction and reportage.

    Cruel and Unusual

  • My purpose in reproducing our correspondence is to expose the possible fraud of Annual Program Without Frontiers.

    Mad Dog Movies « Scam Film Fest: Annual Program Without Frontiers

  • I work in reproducing all household items after their “first life”, and her work has truely inspired me in my own.

    GREEN GRAFFITI by Artist Edina Tokodi | Inhabitat

  • Climate modelers at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) have succeeded in reproducing the climate changes caused by a massive freshwater pulse into the North Atlantic that occurred at the beginning of the current warm period 8,000 years ago.

    Science press releases

  • We would have surmised gravity based solely on the fact that two items were touching without actually seeing how they become together nor in reproducing the event that caused them to come together.

    Sound Politics: More on Cantwell & ID

  • Thank god you had your abortions – the thought of someone like you reproducing is pretty scary.

    Think Progress » On a conference call


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