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  • n. Radiation emission following the absorption of incident radiation.

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  • n. The emission of incident radiation


re- +‎ radiation (Wiktionary)


  • But the end of that answer is perfectly correct - the issue is the reradiation back down to Earth, which a small quantity of CO2 can of course do indefinitely without limit on the total energy exchanged.

    Rabett Run

  • More likely is the reradiation from the surface of the earth to the black body of space at night.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Climate Scientists, Unfiltered

  • I never denied the fundamental physics of the situation, but I have not yet seen an adequate model that takes into account the topography and incident solar radiation, convection, and reradiation to space that would be a starting point.kdacksonQuote

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Climate Scientists, Unfiltered

  • A greenhouse effect is necessary to maintain the average surface temperature approximately 33 °C above the level that would result from an unimpeded reradiation of the absorbed insolation, and energy reradiated by the atmosphere is currently approximately 325 W/m2.

    Global material cycles

  • Could we not copare the warming in these places over the last 100 years to workout the impact of post-1945 building/urban effect and as to weather CO2 driven IR reradiation increases heating increases water vapors, which increases heat trappings.

    Unthreaded #5 « Climate Audit

  • You cannot model CO2 IR reradiation with a blanket of CO2.

    Unthreaded #12 « Climate Audit

  • The Antarctic is an ideal environment to test the relationship between CO2 and IR reradiation.

    Unthreaded #5 « Climate Audit

  • RE: #228 – S.H. data – “adjust” it to add in all the bogus UHI and localized greenhouse and particle reradiation adders typical of NH developed areas.

    Unthreaded #15 « Climate Audit

  • But the canyon effects are mssing, the multipath reradiation effects are missing.

    Parker 2006: An Urban Myth? « Climate Audit

  • Both heat flow from anthropogenic sources as well as reradiation.

    Parker 2006: An Urban Myth? « Climate Audit


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