from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Restored to one's senses; right-minded.


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  • Having returned to a saner mind.

    From Latin resipiscere (to recover one's senses), from re- (again)

    + sapere (to taste, to know). Ultimately from Indo-European root sep-

    (to taste or perceive) that is also the source of sage, savant, savvy, savor, sapid, sapient, and insipid.

    "I am a recidivist, frequently guilty of overwriting and overciting.

    But I am at least a resipiscent recidivist. I have come around to the

    view that, though it may take discipline to cut more quickly to the

    chase and to doff the security blanket that writers weave from string

    citations, we, as judges, must dedicate ourselves to the task."

    Excerpt from Hon. Bruce M. Selya; In Search of Less; Texas Law Review;

    Volume 74, 1996.



    July 20, 2007