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  • v. To attempt to estimate the previous state from the present.


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retro- +‎ predict


  • But ID creationism does not really retrodict anything; it only predicts that we will never figure out how, say, certain flagella evolved.

    Evolution Videos and More - The Panda's Thumb

  • But even the climate modelers bemoan their inability to retrodict the last ten years of global “warming”.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » AsteroidGate

  • Computer models, which despite a rocky start are now able to "" retrodict '' the climate of the past 30 to 50 years, forecast more warming at night than day, more very hot summer days and fewer frigid winter days in the U.S. and Europe and more frequent heavy rains and droughts.

    Too Much Hot Air

  • It's just that it's easier to retrodict than to predict.

    Uncovering Secrets, Big And Small

  • According to classical mechanics, from that data (the “information”) and the laws of physics, we can reliably predict the precise state of the universe at every moment in the future — and retrodict the prior states of the universe at every moment in the past.

    The Black Hole War

  • Especially, that is, if one wants to believe that GCMs can reliably retrodict temperature.

    Rutherford, Mann et al [2005] « Climate Audit

  • Nakata taps commands, gets a retrodict bearing on the epicenter.


  • Once it becomes independent of the priors, you can also retrodict the past in the same way as you predict the future and the arrow of time would become invisible (assuming a complete knowledge of the system).

    The Reference Frame

  • However from what I’ve read none of the models used are spot-on accurate when run in reverse to “retrodict” past climate.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Inconveniently Boring Truth


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