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  • n. A rocket engine used to retard, arrest, or reverse the motion of a vehicle, such as an aircraft, missile, or spacecraft.

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  • n. A small rocket engine on a larger rocket or spacecraft designed to slow or reverse its motion.

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  • n. a small rocket engine on a larger rocket or spacecraft that is fired to slow or alter its course


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  • There is no atmosphere where parachutes can be used, so it has to retrorocket all the way down.

    Europa Capable of Supporting Life, Scientist Says | Universe Today

  • "We could very well be seeing rock, or we could be seeing exposed ice in the retrorocket blast zone," said Ray Arvidson of Washington University, St. Louis, Mo., co-investigator for the robotic arm.

    NASA Watch: Keith Cowing: May 2008 Archives

  • Aug. 20, 1960:After a day in orbit Sputnik 5fires its retrorocket, and when it lands safely, two dogs inside, Strelka and Belka, become the first living creatures to return to Earth from space.

    Briefly, They Were the Equal of Monkeys

  • Without giving him an explanation, they had instructed Glenn not to jettison his retrorocket pack in hopes its retention would help keep a loose heat shield in place.

    Riding Rockets

  • Thus . . . the transporter, which eliminated any need for the goofy retrorocket landings, was born.

    I’m Working on That

  • At that time Claggett would send a radio signal which would activate a small retrorocket in each satellite, causing it to drop dutifully into its assigned position around the Moon.


  • On re-entry, a glitch involving a retrorocket made the ship rotate swiftly, and the landing capsule was slow to jettison the service module.

    The Seattle Times

  • The 27-year-old cosmonaut's mission lasted just 108 minutes and was fraught with drama: a break in data transmission, glitches involving antennas, a retrorocket and the separation of modules.

    The Seattle Times

  • If you take a look at marine turbine's retrorocket, the jet turbine they outfitted in that pickup can do 800 miles to a tank and the engine can be tuned to burn multiple fuels.

    Brad Ideas - Comments

  • He assumed a single stage rocket, limited to 1-G acceleration, providing all the energy for the trip, launched vertically, requiring a retrorocket to slow it down when returning, and assuming a very low exhaust velocity for the propellant.



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