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  • adj. able to be used again; especially after salvaging or special treatment or processing
  • adj. (of a program) Able to be executed by several tasks without being reloaded; either reentrant or serially reusable

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  • adj. capable of being used again


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reuse +‎ -able


  • The Lunar Lander Challenge is a prize competition designed to accelerate technology developments in reusable rocket-powered vehicles including vehicles capable of ferrying cargo or humans between lunar orbit and the lunar surface as well as future Earth launch vehicles or other rocket-powered vehicles.

    Lunar Lander Challenges Official Notice Posted - NASA Watch

  • That's exactly why they're interested in reusable vehicles, and why they're so dangerous.

    Would You Bring Back NGLT-or SLI? - NASA Watch

  • Take your lunch in reusable containers rather than plastic bags.

    Hints From Heloise

  • The argument for a "bridge" vehicle makes sense, until we can determine what the next generation in reusable ETO looks like.

    Astronaut Office Weighs In (Officially) On Ares/Orion/EELVs - NASA Watch

  • • Students are encouraged to pack items in reusable containers.

    Going green registers with colleges

  • Bisphenol A (BPA) is added to hard, clear polycarbonate plastics like those used in reusable water bottles and baby bottles, as well as the resins lining food cans and in some dental amalgams and sealants.

    Hard-Knock Plastic | Impact Lab

  • Look for single serve wine in reusable bistro style plastic cups to be available nationwide in 2008.

    16 posts from August 2007

  • Then I will head over to our wonderful local cooperative grocery (I'm a member) and buy some bulk foods, organic produce, and local milk and yogurt in reusable containers.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • Most of the sellers here are small-scale farmers who come from the outskirts of the city, hauling their fresh veggies (packed in reusable jute sacks, not cardboard boxes).

    Archive 2006-06-01

  • On one recent day, fourth-grader Julie Kaplan showed off a lunch packed in reusable containers and announced plans to take home the leftovers.

    What does "Away" mean?


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