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  • adjective Able to be rewritten, or written again.


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  • Titanium oxide’s market price is about one-hundredth of the rare element — germanium-antimony-tellurium — that is currently used in rewritable Blu-ray discs and DVDs, Ohkoshi said.

    Researchers Discover ‘Super Disc’ Material | Impact Lab

  • Delving into the lives of the people who would make the conscious choice to become a 'rewritable' personality holds some interesting promise, but even more interesting, and what the show may be going as hinted in the trailer, is what happens if part of the personality makes through each wipe?

    New Dollhouse Trailer

  • Chalcogenide is the same material used in re-writable optical media, such as rewritable


  • Flash Card is easily rewritable memory and overwrites without warning with a high probability of data being overwritten and hence lost.

    SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 64

  • ITRI says not only is its i2R e-paper less expensive than the costly rewritable printer products currently available, but also the cost could be comparable to that of conventional black-and-white inkjet or laser printing.

    And the Rest of the Winners Are...

  • But the same thing happened with rewritable CDs and DVDs.

    Blu-ray: Do Consumers Care? - Bits Blog -

  • In my opinion, rewritable DVDs and CDs are a failed technology, or at least a waste of my time and money. —

    Blu-ray: Do Consumers Care? - Bits Blog -

  • There is a certain advantage to having your data on a non-rewritable physical medium that will remain safe regardless of computer failures, etc.

    Buying Movies on Flash Drives: Nice Idea That Doesn’t Work - Bits Blog -

  • It's among those contracts that the crisis has made rewritable It's also that which Josh Marshall describes as a set of "social bargains that explain why it is that the overwhelming number of people are content with the fact that some people make $45,000 a year and other people make $45,000,000 a year."

    Terrance Heath: The Jobs Deficit & The Breaking Point, Pt. 2

  • The chip would be say a flash ROM or whatever the tech gets called these days, unless someone were willing to dedicate a production line making non-rewritable ROM chips, with the content burned into them in the actual production of the silicon chip itself before packaging it even into a packaged with leads into and out of the silicon chip inside the package.

    Making Light: Amazon & Macmillan


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