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  • n. Plural form of rickettsia.


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  • It was presumed to be due to a virus, and as Australia's only recognized virologist, material from guinea pigs was sent down to him. 8 On histological examination of tissues from an infected mouse he noticed a "vague herringbone pattern" which recalled what he had seen in psittacosis and had read about for rickettsiae, and using Castaneda's stain he had no doubt that the organism was a rickettsia.

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  • Infected lice pass rickettsiae in their faeces within two to six days after the blood meal; it is infective earlier if crushed.

    Chapter 2

  • Infected lice excrete rickettsiae when feeding on a second host.

    Chapter 2

  • The louse invariably dies within two weeks after infection; rickettsiae may remain viable in the dead louse for weeks.

    Chapter 2

  • Should we address the question to their ancestral relatives, the rickettsiae and the cyanobacteria?

    Small Things Considered

  • Another interesting feature is that up-regulated genes are mostly exclusive for SFG rickettsiae, a finding consistent with the fact that the inoculation site corresponds to environmental conditions not encountered by TG bacteria that are transmitted to human by exposure to feces of infected lice or fleas

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  • The way in which rickettsiae use the KAP NTPases in the intracellular host cell environments has not yet been investigated but several members of this family, namely the AAA+ ATPases were described to promote virulence of other bacterial pathogens

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  • The histological examination of eschars collected from patients suffering from boutonneuse fever indicated that the alterations were mainly located in the dermis and subcutaneous tissues and evidenced the presence of rickettsiae in blood vessels

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  • Inoculation of rickettsiae to human beings leads to vasculitis and lesions at the site of tick bite

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  • While the nuo genes of rickettsiae are more closely related to mitochondria than to any other studied microbe

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