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  • n. A software application that includes advertisements, which are displayed while the software is running. Developers use adware as a source of income and to keep the costs of the software down (usually making it free). Some adware programs can include spyware.


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ad +‎ -ware


  • The problem is the muddled use of the term adware on the part of the AG in the settlement that seems to conflate adware and spyware, two very different things.

    ClickZ News Blog

  • The term adware and spyware are often used interchangeably.

    Best Syndication -

  • Just 1 gram of Real Player with 4 grams of adware is a good dietary source of Slowdown.

    Mozilla Confirms Release For Firefox 3.5 | Lifehacker Australia

  • A lot of spyware and adware is downloaded as ActiveX controls.

    Message From Your Friend

  • Note that you can manually unistall the adware from the latest oficial release, but when you restart eXeem, it _helpfuly_ reinstalls the adware (cydoor I think ...)

    Boing Boing: January 23, 2005 - January 29, 2005 Archives

  • The company started developing a type of malicious software known as adware that hackers install on PCs, where they served up pop-up ads for travel services, pornography, discounted drugs and other products, including its flawed antivirus software.

    IOL: News

  • Web surfers visiting these sites can unwittingly become infected with so-called adware that spawns annoying advertisements and which can be used to secretly track a user's web-surfing habits.

    p2pnet news

  • This is a great video player, and I have used the free version for years, but now that the 1.38.828 version incorporates SAVE adware, which is mandatory install, I cannot recommend this software to anyone.

    AfterDawn: Software updates

  • Dana Todd, SiteLab's impish founding partner and ever a voice of dissent, put it nicely: "I find it particularly ironic that this session is not called adware / spyware buys," a name commonly given to behavioral panels two years ago.

    ClickZ News

  • These applications, classified as adware by PandaLabs, pass themselves off as antivirus utilities and often appear on the Internet as free downloads.

    Help Net Security - News


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