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  • n. : A software product, especially a video game, whose copyright is no longer defended or which is no longer marketed even by the company who made it.


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abandon +‎ -ware


  • We found a workable version (version 2 is better than the 98 version) on Home Of The Underdogs - a site devoted to 'abandonware' - software no longer sold or supported by anyone.

    Archive 2005-12-25

  • To be perfectly clear, there is no such thing as "abandonware" -- not legally.


  • Assuming the source code is still kept in useful form by a company that is not ashamed of it, there is little to lose and much goodwill to be gained by releasing "abandonware" -- but those are two large assumptions, aren't they?

    Slashdot: Apple

  • SO, as I see this product now, it is 'abandonware' --- once you purchase it, you are abandoned.

    Digital Point Forums

  • Both Automatix and EasyUbuntu are now unsupported orphan software or "abandonware" at this time.

    Ubuntu "Hardy Heron" -- Observations After Upgrading

  • I suspect they are the equivalent of "abandonware" (software that is technically still owned by the company, but it no longer produced or supported by them and is only available by "pirated" download or purchase at a thrift store), or books that have gone out of print and can't be found anywhere but are still under copyright (so they can't be republished and distributed by, say, a fan society).

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • What will the "abandonware" situation for dead MMO worlds look like?

    Top 10 MMOG Trends?

  • There's a ton of "abandonware" out there that won't run on anything other than DOS or maybe Windows 3.1, and requires jumping through some major hoops to get it working.


  • Or alternatively, you could simply enter "abandonware" into Google ......

    Tech Digest

  • 'abandonware', meaning that their developers have stopped supporting them and in many cases have put them up for free downloading because they couldn't get enough sales to justify continued support.

    NYT > Technology


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