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  • n. One who believes in the politics or policies of the political right.

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  • adj. believing in or supporting tenets of the political right
  • n. a member of a right wing political party


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  • Even the most fanatical rightist is realistic about all other theories of "rights" but his own.

    Human rights and Saudi princes

  • What mattered is that Stalin had proclaimed that ‘the Right deviation now represents the central danger’ to Communism and therefore anyone he called a rightist needed to go.

    Things One Should Not Forget « Whatever

  • He ordered that every student who had participated in the demonstration should be classified as a rightist.

    Wild Swans

  • That was because the American press’s greatest fear was to be called rightist by their own membership.

    Neon Rain

  • Unless that is, the rightist government begins a new era of imperialist aggression beginning with any nation unable to defend itself.

    The Founders Tried To Warn Us

  • It then comes as no surprises that whenever you are identified as a rightist, you are de facto considered a servant of big companies, who themselves are the sole nemesis of social peace and who, of course, are eating our babies.

    Compassion's Monopoly... I couldn't have said it better myself

  • They discussed who the key minister in the ministry was and they decided on Lin Muhan, a well-known intellect in China and a labelled rightist who had been through some horrifying times during the Cultural Revolution.

    Mao's Last Dancer

  • In Peru they are conducting their great reactionary campaigns with the support of the oligarchy and the press, which reflects the thoughts of the imperialists, that is, the rightist press.


  • The government had the guns and soldiers to pursue the guerrillas who refused to retreat, but the so-called party -- that is, the rightist leadership of a party that had already seized the command, that held it -- took it upon itself to arm morally and politically the repressive forces that pursued the guerrillas.


  • Earlier, Ivan Kostov, leader of Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB), the other party in addition to UDF, forming the so-called rightist Blue Coalition, also criticized Mihov's idea of a loose Currency Board arrangement qualifying it as very alarming. (Sofia News Agency)


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