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  • n. A fence continuously encircling an estate or some considerable extent of ground; hence, any bounding or inclosing line; a limit or pale.


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  • The central conclusion, which was flagged in the panel's interim report in April, is the recommendation of a so-called ring-fence around a bank's traditional lending and deposit-taking businesses.

    U.K. Banks Face Costly Overhaul

  • World-wide except for Latin America, which Hoover managed to ring-fence for the FBI.

    The Spymaster's Spymaster

  • "It is a mistake to ring-fence large areas of spending."

    Don't spare the NHS from cuts, says leftwing thinktank

  • Any "ring-fence" that isn't a complete sham is sure to do real damage to at least some bank's business model.

    U.K. Bank Revamp Is a Leap in the Dark

  • Unsurprisingly, HSBC Holdings and Lloyds Banking Group favor a wide "ring-fence" to minimize the impact on their existing U.K. operations.

    U.K. Bank Revamp Is a Leap in the Dark

  • U.K. banks fell amid expectations that the government later Wednesday will announce plans to ring-fence retail deposits from investment-banking operations.

    Greek Worries Hit European Stocks

  • He didn't elaborate, but his remarks may be interpreted as tacit support for Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne's backing of a plan to ring-fence banks' retail operations from riskier investment banking activities.

    BOE's King Sees Banks Key to Recovery

  • Mr. Osborne also said that he endorsed the proposal for "a ring-fence around better-capitalized high street banks to make them safer, and to protect their vital services to the economy if things go wrong."

    BOE Declares Small Bank Insolvent

  • But France rightly argues the crisis has exposed severe shortcomings in the euro-zone framework and that, in a highly interlinked currency union, there is no way to ring-fence the problems of one member state without marshalling the full resources of the bloc.

    Crunch Time for Franco-German Relations

  • Instead the Tories plan to ring-fence NHS spending, thus keeping hordes of adminstrators who are otherwise otiose beavering away at nothing very much.

    Up Close & Personal With The NHS


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