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  • noun A deity supposed to preside over a river as its tutelary divinity: in art generally represented as a reclining figure, often with an urn from which water flows, and other distinguishing attributes.


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  • I loved the griffin assault on the castle, and the river-god sequence or whatever that was (they didn't really explain that well).

    Sound Off: Prince Caspian - What Did You Think? «

  • "I think it's the river-god, but hush," said Lucy.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • "I think it's the river-god, but hush," said Lucy.

    Loose My Chains

  • Achilles that he should get money out of the Greeks before he assisted them; or the meanness of Achilles himself in taking gifts from Agamemnon; or his requiring a ransom for the body of Hector; or his cursing of Apollo; or his insolence to the river-god

    The Republic by Plato ; translated by Benjamin Jowett

  • Minerva is observed leading up Ceres to a river-god, who has his arms round the neck of Pomona; while Mars

    The Fitz-Boodle Papers

  • We joked that the goblets were consacrated to the service of a local river-god: intricately patterned with fishes and other natural emblems, only the priest of a fairly fanatic sect able to wreak dire vengeance on thieves would afford or risk purchase of these, at a hefty tag of nearly £800 each.

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  • At the farther end of the court of this Musaeum, fronting the entrance, is a handsome fountain, with the statue of a river-god reclining on his urn; this is no other than the famous Marforio, so called from its having been found in Martis Fore.

    Travels through France and Italy

  • It was as if she had been wooed by a river-god, who might any time take her to his wondrous halls below a watery heaven.

    Adam Bede

  • When the period of that step comes, then love is proper enough; but up to that — before that — as regards all those preliminary passages which must, we suppose, be necessary — in all those it becomes a young lady to be icy-hearted as a river-god in winter.

    Doctor Thorne

  • Maeon and Kritheus; by others, (a son) of the river-god Meles.

    Essays and Miscellanies


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