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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of robotize.


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  • "robotized" and we would then have a workforce of drones to do all the work.


  • The human element is becoming less and less visible in this age of robotized answering machines, internet dependency, and data-driven decisions on socially beneficial programs without raising students to believe that there is no passion, no complex thought, no intellectual and, yes, emotional connection between what a child learns and how he or she learns it.

    Joel Shatzky: Educating for Democracy: Is "On-line Learning" Learning?

  • Even mundane tasks like gift wrapping are being robotized—sort of.

    Retail's Grand Ambitions

  • Purists might argue that his last film was less dreadful than his penultimate one, but the hallmarks were the same: stilted language, robotized acting, glacial pace, ponderous style, dramatic ineptitude and negligible energy.

    'Eclipse' Makes 'Twilight' a Bit Brighter

  • As the eight year long war drags on, claiming more victims every day, the U.S. develops increasingly sophisticated means of surveillance, laser guided bombing, and robotized weapon usage.

    Kathy Kelly: Unarmed and Courageous: Emergency Workers in Afghanistan

  • While a robotized military presents new challenges for antiwar activists, it also creates new organizing opportunities.

    Eric Stoner: The Dawn of Robot Wars

  • A dope dealing, murdering, robotized military bureaucracy out of control dominating America sucking it dry & wrecking the last hopes of the civilized world.

    Jan Herman: Book Bling for Sale

  • At the moment of need they "morph" into kick-boxing superheroes in Spandex (or, better yet, robotized behemoths with names like Megazord and Titanus) and agilely whack, smack and thwack her buffoonish minions back to oblivion.

    Ninja Turtles, Eat Our Dust

  • Have you been corp-robotized into no longer being, or perhaps never having been, in awe and respect for the female body in health and robust fertility?

    Karen Kisslinger: It's Official: Women are Obsolete

  • No, I believe that the assertion that women's bodies are wonderful and to be protected in all their roles and functions, HOWEVER EACH WOMAN CHOOSES TO USE HER HEALTHY BODY, is critical to the survival of the human race, and is part of the next wave of feminist understanding that we have all been corp-robotized to accept the devaluing of the feminine body.

    Karen Kisslinger: It's Official: Women are Obsolete


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