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  • n. A reduction, especially in prices or wages, to a previous lower level by governmental action or direction: a price rollback; a rollback of military supplies.
  • n. A turning back or retreat, as from a previously held position or policy: hoped for a rollback of support for the opposition's proposed legislation.

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  • v. To roll back.
  • n. A return to a prior state.
  • n. A withdrawal of military forces.
  • n. An operation which returns a database, or group of records in a database, to a previous state (normally to the previous commit point).
  • n. An event caused by a roller coaster failing to reach the top of a hill.
  • n. a form of flatbed truck adapted or designed specifically as a tow truck or for transporting other vehicles

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  • n. the act of forcing the enemy to withdraw
  • n. reducing prices back to some earlier level


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

roll + back



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