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  • n. A rose-colored skin rash, sometimes occurring with diseases such as measles, syphilis, or scarlet fever.

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  • n. Any rosy rash that occurs with various fevers, especially that occurring with a mild disease of early infancy that resembles measles.
  • n. German measles.

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  • n. A rose-colored efflorescence upon the skin, occurring in circumscribed patches of little or no elevation and often alternately fading and reviving; also, an acute specific disease which is characterized by an eruption of this character; -- called also rose rash.

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  • n. In pathology, a kind of rash or rose-colored efflorescence, mostly symptomatic, occurring in connection with different febrile complaints. Also called rose-rash and scarlet rash.

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  • n. any red eruption of the skin


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

New Latin, from diminutive of Latin roseus, rosy, from rosa, rose.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From New Latin, from diminutive of Latin rosa ("a rose").


  • The time between the appearance of the chancre and the appearance of the rash on the body (the rash looks like a measles rash and is called roseola, which means a rose-colored rash) is called the _Primary Stage_.

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  • The cook left; the boys had a disease called roseola; Agnes, who was still drunk with her engagement, was of no assistance, but kept flying up to London to push Rickie's fortunes; and, to crown everything, the matron was too bright and not motherly enough: she neglected the little boys and was overattentive to the big ones.

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  • Soon thereafter, HHV-6 was noted to be ubiquitous and a principal cause of the common childhood disease exanthem subitum (also referred to as roseola or sixth disease) [89].

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  • The doctors think it’s probably roseola, which is way better than the measles we thought it might be, but it’s still been difficult: making childcare arrangements, getting enough food and rest, and even being able to just enjoy our time together.

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  • "roseola," -- which are characteristic of abdominal typhus.

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  • • Some illnesses are more likely to present with seizures as a symptom, including pneumonia, meningitis, shigella infections, diarrhea, and roseola.

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  • Quinn had a terrible case of roseola - we were so relieved when it was all over.

    Yes, I do have Roseola!

  • With the rash spreading from the abdomen, it sounds like she has roseola, which while scary to look at, is generally harmless and just annoying.

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  • Sierra had roseola, a common rite of passage for babies, but when it is your baby, in the throes of a raging fever that is seeping 104.3 from her every pore, and she is crying out in agony, and dehyrdrating in front of your very eyes ... and convulsing and trembling in rigidity from the fever, well, it is the most terrifying experience in the world.

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  • Also, I'm with Christina and putting my money on roseola.

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  • Jack thought that Clarie's baby had this in an episode of Lost.

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