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  • adj. Describing the head of a screw that is dome shaped.
  • n. A roundhead screw, one with a domed head.


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round +‎ -head


  • Actually, I think that roundhead is actually ideologically a liberal.


  • 'The roundhead is a gentleman, and would not, to save his life, have harmed thee, even had he known what a worthless thing thou art.

    St. George and St. Michael Volume II

  • A nonentity calling himself "roundhead" has been buzzing around recently, making silly comments about me over at Daimnation, and depositing a flyspeck or two at my place.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • But "roundhead" had an amateurish and ill-read blog--until today.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • With Hain now struggling and Corbyn beyond the pale, for many in the centre left at least, the question will be "does Benn's DNA trump Cruddas' one significant rebellion - on top up fees - and his 'from the streets and hands on', or 'roundhead' as Akehurst might have it - positioning?"

    Archive 2007-01-28

  • His royal yacht idea is a cavalier act in a cruel roundhead world.

    Michael Gove: Get on your yacht | Editorial

  • It is this roundhead quality that makes me feel nervous about Jack Wilshere, teenage midfield scamp and current bearer of the title of most promising young footballer in England.

    Why we must savour the rare English delicacy that is Jack Wilshere

  • The easiest fishing I've ever had was catching smallmouth from a little creek, they hit every lure I threw at them including a naked roundhead jig.

    Why Do Fish Eat Indicators?

  • Have you polled everyone as to their political beliefs. - roundhead unlike you, they are frequent posters and i have had ample opportunity to judge their views on the reality based community.


  • At last, we have an example of the difference between a troll and a true-believer vandal, roundhead being the former, Bart being the latter.



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  • It's a fish.

    Members of the family Plesiopidae are known as roundheads, longfins, or spiny basslets.

    January 2, 2012