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  • n. A point-by-point summary.
  • n. Baseball A play in which a runner is trapped between bases and is pursued by fielders attempting to make the tag.
  • adj. In poor physical condition; weak or exhausted.
  • adj. Dirty and dilapidated: rundown housing projects.
  • adj. Unwound and not running: a run-down watch.

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  • n. A rough outline. Generally used in the definite, as the rundown.
  • n. A defensive play in which the runner is caught between two fielders, who steadily converge to tag the runner out.
  • adj. Alternative form of run-down.

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  • n. a concluding summary (as in presenting a case before a law court)


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  • Is this the same guy that supports giving over 2 million dollars to some bar owner so he can run some bar in rundown Downtown Aurora?

    Flygate | Walter Payton's Roundhouse Swats Back at Manny Maysonet

  • And in a rundown, even though A.J. was going back to second, the rule of obstruction during a rundown is he gets his next advanced base and that's why he was rewarded third base.

  • Here's a rundown from the German papers on the Iraq escalation votes:


  • E Durazo grounded into fielder's choice to first, M Kotsay out at home in rundown,

  • K Millar tagged out at second in rundown attempting to advance on throw.

  • M Bradley reached on infield single to second, J Peralta scored, M Lawton to third, C Crisp to second, M Lawton tagged out at third in rundown trying to return to base.

  • C Crisp tagged out at second in rundown trying to return to base.

  • P Lo Duca caught stealing home in rundown, catcher to second, S Green to second on runner's fielder's choice.

  • D Jimenez grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, B Daubach tagged out at third, shortstop to third to second to third in rundown, D Jimenez tagged out at second attempting to advance on play.

  • J Gibbons doubled to left center, B Roberts, L Matos and M Mora scored, J Gibbons out at third in rundown attempting to advance on throw.


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