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  • adj. Of, relating to, or written in runes.
  • n. The Germanic language of the oldest runic inscriptions from northern Europe, dating to between the third and sixth centuries A.D., and considered by some to be close to or identical with the putative common ancestor of the North and West Germanic languages.

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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or written using runes

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  • adj. Of or pertaining to a rune, to runes, or to the Norsemen.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Pertaining to, consisting in, or characteristic of runes.
  • Inscribed with runes.
  • Resembling in style the work of the early civilization of the north of Europe.
  • n. A distinctive style of printing-type.
  • n. These types are of RUNIC face.

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  • adj. relating to or consisting of runes


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  • The letters used in old Icelandic and similar languages are called runic characters.

    The Story of Sigurd the Volsung

  • I'm not advocating necessarily getting rid of them entirely, but make it so that they can't sell stuff from champion mob drops, among other things. such as runic items in particular, which tend to go for ridiculous amounts of gold There should be a list of stuff which player-run vendors can and can't sell.

    A Shot Across the Bow

  • The ancient Slavonic when reduced to writing seems to have been originally written with a kind of runic letters, which, when formed into a regular alphabet, were called the Glagolitic, that is the signs which spoke.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 6: Fathers of the Church-Gregory XI

  • On one side was etched the complete, sixteen-character short-twig runic alphabet or futhark, the style of which dates it to the earliest Norse settlements.

    Judith Lindbergh - An interview with author

  • My study of the Elder Futhark has been eclectic, though I approach them from the old Icelandic and Norse runic poems as interpreted by Kate MacDowell.

    Kelley Harrell: Harry Potter and the Elder Futhark

  • The pattern of blue-green algae and the numinous wings of the Great Nebula in Orion and the runic scrawl of human chromosomes are stories.

    Lindsay Edmunds: Russell Hoban: A Great American Writer

  • The heart, the head, the life and the fate were all crucial concepts to her, just they didn't give up their runic braille quite as easily as the digital phrenologists claimed.

    Death Masking Love

  • Tessa learned from the Codex that all Shadowhunters descended from an archangel named Raziel, who had given the first of them a volume called the Gray Book, filled with “the language of Heaven”—the black runic Marks that covered the skin of trained Shadowhunters such as Charlotte and Will.

    Clockwork Angel

  • The map sprang to life with all sorts of runic inscriptions and such.

    Colin Powell's UN Clown Show

  • But it was sort of interestingly nerdish on the shelf and full of pretty diagrams and seductive maps and lists of things and maps and really interesting maps and who could resist a book that has both a chart of the runic alphabet AND a map showing RAF ammunition drops to the WW2 Resistance?

    Making Light: Amazon versus Macmillan


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  • 1. consisting of or set down in runes: "runic inscriptions"

    2. having some secret or mysterious meaning: "runic rhyme"

    August 28, 2007