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  • n. In Jamaica, the antidote cacoon, Fevillea cordifolia. See antidote cacoon, under cacoon.


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  • Two thirds of them are what are called sabo (ph) shells.

    CNN Transcript Mar 20, 2003

  • Four-hundred years ago, on the planet Earth, workers who felt their livelihood threatened by automation, flung their wooden shoes, called sabo, into the machines to stop them ... hence the word: sabotage.

    Medlogs - Recent stories

  • As the "clues" against Kathy mounted, The Audience told Mr. Mensa, "So you got sabo-bitched there by her."

    Tallulah Morehead: Big Brother 12: The Boobiac Strikes Back!

  • Great work Ed. Posted at 06: 49 AM on Jan 7, 2010 by walter sabo

    Playing the Game: Why Sports Marketing Scores Points for Brands - Ed Keller - MediaBizBloggers

  • Further, “[t] he very fact that no sabo-tage has taken place to date is a disturbing and confirming indication that such action will be taken.”

    Is That Legal?: Who's to Blame?

  • The students seemed to offer another option for an administration already grappling with sabo -- teurs in Iraq and suicide bombers in Israel: to sit back and wait for a second Iranian revolution.

    Firefight Over Iran

  • They sabo me la, i can't land a plane properly ok.

    yanxious Diary Entry

  • Till finally diana chilled, and i chilled as well after talking to my section, and the percussionists disappeared, the whole atmonsphere lifted i tell you ... esp with me finding the new interesting warm up. hahaha, and making my section play it, then sabo-ing the horn section to play it, man, diana was so amused. lol.

    yanxious Diary Entry

  • And i think i just sabo-ed the whole band by asking diana to ask weiting to play it as a warm up = X hahaha. .in case you are wondering, 5minutes a day, number 5, the bottom exercise.

    yanxious Diary Entry

  • It was really interesting, and although we sabo-ed Shawn (hehe) and made him sing, it was quite fun!

    j-gan Diary Entry


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