sadomasochistic love



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  • adj. Of or relating to sadomasochism or sadomasochists.

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  • adj. of or relating to sadomasochism


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  • An undergrad professor came thisclose to ruining this book for me, thanks to his obsession with what he termed the sadomasochistic qualities of Jane and Rochester.

    Archive 2007-09-01

  • In this case, the appellant had objected to the introduction of photos of himself and the deceased engaged in sadomasochistic activities.

    'Trivial Complaints:' The Role of Privacy in Domestic Violence Law and Activism in the U.S.

  • Foucault's interest in sadomasochistic practices in order either to defend or to discredit his work, and he criticizes me for letting liberal critics "off the hook by creating the authentic connection of a hagiography that excludes them from the possibility of comprehending."

    'That Obscure Object of Historical Desire'

  • Giving Tree, OTOH... at the age of 6 I learned the word "sadomasochistic," though I didn't find out what my mom meant by that until I was much older.

    Sweet Reading Sweets

  • It sounds more like some kind of sadomasochistic desire, assuming it's to be taken literally at all.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • He said that during the April 19 encounter, they did engage in 'sadomasochistic' sexual behavior, involving 'spankings and whippings with a belt,' but he said that there was 'no coercion of any kind' and that it was entirely voluntary on her part.

    I love

  • Lady Gaga is the quintessential 2011 pop star: her records are a winning mixture of electro-pop with contemporary R&B touches, and her subject matter feeds into the media's self-obsession on the nature of fame and the devouring, if not sadomasochistic, nature of 21st-century celebrity.

    Lady Gaga's new gay anthem

  • The gnomes of Zurich will be pleased that the EU Commission have decided to join the sadomasochistic school of economics.

    Brussels Fiddles While Rome Burns

  • They are entrapped in what was born (e) during their trauma, as they perpetuate the erasure of meaning, re-enact the dynamics of annihilation through sadomasochistic, narcissistic, paranoid, or self-deadening modes of relating, and mobilize their agency toward warding off mutuality, goodness, hope and connection.

    Think Progress » Former Bush Speechwriter Attacks Reporter For Pointing Out Bush Techniques Were Used By Khmer Rouge

  • Neither oral nor anal sex are sadomasochistic per se.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Sex Education, Dirty Words, and the Due Process Clause


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