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  • n. a male sailor

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  • n. A sailor; a seaman.


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  • Everybody has got their eye on that money -- everybody except the sailorman, that is -- and afore he knows wot's 'appened, and who' as got it, he's looking for a ship agin.

    Deep Waters, the Entire Collection

  • -- one of Tod's -- wound loosely about it; a man really, strong and tough, with hard sinews and capable thighs, back, and wrists -- the kind of sailorman that could wear tarpaulins or broadcloth at his pleasure and never lose place in either station.

    Tides of Barnegat

  • "I suppose you've received information, by bush-telegraph, that that third assistant understrapper and ex-sailorman at Tulagi is going to deport me as an undesirable immigrant."

    Chapter 9

  • Stole him from me, and as good a sailorman as the trade has ever seen — if he is a Dutchman.


  • I was a sailorman, and knew the way of the ships on the seas.

    An Odyssey of the North

  • Somewhere up there, if the dying words of a shipwrecked sailorman who had made the fearful overland journey were to be believed, and if the vial of golden grains in his pouch attested to anything, -- somewhere up there, in that home of winter, stood the Treasure House of the North.


  • And I caught my great, radiant vision of Mr. Pike, galley slave of the race, and a driver of men under men greater than he; the faithful henchman, the able sailorman, battered and grizzled, branded and galled, the servant of the sweep-head that made mastery of the sea.


  • And I, who was become a sailorman, shipped with men of his own race, and went after him in the hunt of the seal.

    An Odyssey of the North

  • And there, in the chart-room, a redoubtable sailorman bent anxiously over a chart as he measured and calculated, and measured and calculated again, our position and our drift.


  • Or is a return to the feudal state the idea? sailorman

    Senate to take up resolution apologizing for slavery


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