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  • v. Present participle of toot.


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  • The platform serves as a highlight for whichever segment of the band is being musically showcased; i.e., when the first number begins, 4 tuba players stand back to back and begin tooting away, while a hidden "pit crew" member manually (and, one must assume, cautiously) causes the platform to spin.

    The Great Marching Band Meet

  • In the words of our Prime Minister the other day, a little tooting is a good thing.

    Britain To-day—and Tomorrow

  • Horn-tooting is encouraged ’round here, and I’d like to read that post.

    A Bellyful of Light | Her Bad Mother

  • But I think we need to start getting used to the idea of tooting our horns and spreading the word.

    Small Business Branding

  • Her real crime is that for someone in the comedy business, her act just isn't that funny -- full of bits about "tooting" and, surprise, being wasted.


  • Or is it that someone was tired of all the "tooting" created by B & M Beans? > News

  • Now, finally, it is here: Sarah Palin (née Heath), "accomplished flautist," tooting "The Homecoming" by Nathan Hardy on one doozy of a flute (which she then had fired).

    Gawker: Defamer

  • So our fourth recommendation had to do with the importance of self-promotion, with celebrating and talking about our own successes and tooting our own horns a little bit and walking the walk a little bit better.

    Industry by Industry: How to Move Forward

  • "I was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness," it wrongly says -- this ascribed to a man who was morally against tooting his own horn.

    LaVar Young: Don't 'Just Do it', Think for Yourself

  • There is a man and his son that walk down our street every Sunday morning tooting a horn and banging a drum.

    How do I deter the bottle brigade? What have you done?


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  • it's a place :D

    September 23, 2009

  • "'You didn't happen to get the license plate number, did you?'

    'You're damn tooting I got it!' Fuzzy cried. 'Got the goddam ole Jeezly b'noc'lars right there on the kitchen windowsill, aint I?'"

    - 'The Dark Half', Stephen King.

    December 31, 2007