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  • n. A large hall or reception room.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Spanish, from Germanic; compare Swedish sal.


  • The sala is a good place to meet others if you are so inclined.

    Vacation in Manzanillo

  • A parlor, or sala, is found in every private Mexican house, but until within the last two years there was not a hotel in the republic that had a parlor.

    Six Months in Mexico

  • The sala is not complete without at least two cabinets to hold the overflow of the center table.

    Six Months in Mexico

  • The sala is always on the second floor, as none but servants occupy the ground or first floor, and it is generally the only room in the house which boasts of a carpet.

    Six Months in Mexico

  • Of the five bidelli, or servants, one is capo sala, that is, it is his special task to register the number of the manuscript required, to deliver it to the student, and to receive it back at the conclusion of the period of study.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 15: Tournely-Zwirner

  • Then, reverently the body of the dead miner was lowered from the horse, and borne into the large hall-like room of the house known as the sala, and laid down on the blankets there prepared for it, and covered over with a sheet.

    The Cave of Gold A Tale of California in '49

  • The piano is almost universal and occupies some nook by itself; the furniture for the sala is always cushioned and is composed mainly of easy chairs; the sofa – the seat of honor – is placed against the wall beneath some large painting or mirror and a large rug is laid in front.

    Six Months in Mexico

  • A tip: In case of emergency, ask for a beverage called sala, a milky, pink-tinged drink that takes the edge off the burn. - News

  • We set it up in our big "sala," that is our living room, and there it remained for many days, the delight of our eyes.

    The Children's Six Minutes

  • The fact that most Spanish kids start playing fútbol sala which is much more than just five aside football has an impact, so does the mentality behind football: a greater stress on technique and less on physicality.


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