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  • n. A spicy sauce of chopped, usually uncooked vegetables or fruit, especially tomatoes, onions, and chili peppers, used as a condiment.
  • n. Music A popular form of Latin-American dance music, characterized by Afro-Caribbean rhythms, Cuban big-band dance melodies, and elements of jazz and rock.

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  • n. A spicy tomato sauce, often including onions and hot peppers.
  • n. A style of music originally from Cuba heavily influenced by Spanish rhythms and jazz.
  • n. Any of several dances performed to Salsa music.
  • v. To dance the salsa.

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  • n. spicy sauce of tomatoes and onions and chili peppers to accompany Mexican foods


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

American Spanish, from Spanish, sauce, from Old Spanish, from Vulgar Latin *salsa; see sauce.

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From Spanish salsa ("sauce"), from Latin salsus ("salted"), whence also sauce (via Old French).


  • I had to go to Costco because I was out of both salsa and jalapenos, I normally wait for payday on the 1st for my Costco shopping but I cannot live without salsa& jelapenos for my bacon omelets.

    miss-k2 Diary Entry

  • In my last week's "Strictly" debut, our romantic waltz brought out my inner princess, but this week's spicy Latin salsa is unleashing my inner tart.

    Pamela Stephenson Connolly: my Strictly debut

  • I violate this rule all the time because most Mexican food without salsa is like a day without sunshine so I dip into that repository of e-coli bacteria with abandon and do I really believe, I mean really believe, that that restaurant doesn´t pour the left over salsa from a prevous diner into you salsa bowl?

    How Y�ll Doin� ?

  • The term salsa might by synonymous with chips but, realistically, there are plenty of uses for good ol 'salsa.

    Mark's Daily Apple

  • Essentially, the term salsa refers to any cooked or raw sauces inspired by basic tomatoes, chili peppers and spices.

    Mark's Daily Apple

  • Yet as his longtime friend and Boswell, Joe Conzo, notes in "Mambo Diablo: My Journey With Tito Puente" 2010, the percussionist, composer and bandleader apparently had a grudging respect for labels; he despised the word "salsa" as a generic indicator of Hispanic pop, but he welcomed the term "Afro-Cuban music."

    Long Live the Mambo King

  • Furthermore, to make chilaquiles the salsa is added to the pan with the fried tortilla strips before anything else is added to the pan, whereas with migas the salsa is added at the end.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • Where I come from, breaking your chip off in the salsa is a party foul.


  • This salsa is a good combo of flavors with all of them melding nicely.

    Persimmon salsa

  • Oscar Luna, who hails from Cali, Colombia, which he describes as the salsa capital, dances with women half his age, directing their substantial hip and foot movements with the slightest of effort.

    Boise Weekly - News, Opinion, Music, Events, Dining - Boise, Idaho


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