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  • Him wäs bâm samod on þam leód-scipe lond gecynde, eard êðel-riht, ôðrum swîðor


  • Him wæs bām samod on þām lēod-scipe lond gecynde, eard ēðel-riht, ōðrum swīðor


  • [baptised], and his ge-feran [companions] samod the mid him sithedon

    Early Britain Anglo-Saxon Britain

  • 325 Setton sæ-mêðe sîde scyldas, rondas regn-hearde wið þäs recedes weal, bugon þâ tô bence; byrnan hringdon, gûð-searo gumena; gâras stôdon, sæ-manna searo, samod ätgädere,


  • 2060, -- Allied to this is the meaning, _about_, de, super: þær wäs sang and swêg samod ätgädere fore Healfdenes hildewîsan, _song and music about


  • 325 Setton sǣ-mēðe sīde scyldas, rondas regn-hearde wið þæs recedes weal, bugon þā tō bence; byrnan hringdon, gūð-searo gumena; gāras stōdon, sǣ-manna searo, samod ætgædere,


  • 2060, -- Allied to this is the meaning, _about_, de, super: þǣr wæs sang and swēg samod ætgædere fore Healfdenes hildewīsan, _song and music about



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  • samod - I. adv. simultaneously, at the same time, together; entirely; also, as well, too.

    II. prep. together with, at (of time) compare to Ger. sammt.

    January 5, 2012