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  • n. soup cooked with meat and starchy plants (such as roots or plantains) usually ate for lunch.


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From sancocho.


  • All you have to do is tell us about the best bowl of soup you've ever had after a whole week of fasting ... a nice, warm bowl of a root vegetable "sancocho" with lots of broth does it for me ... first time I ever made cream of mushroom soup from scratch, insanely rich but unbelievably delicious

    Serious Eats

  • Dominican sancocho and café con leche are difficult to find.

    Hudson Heights Pumps More-for-Less Theme

  • The end product was certainly a sancocho for my (home) sick soul.

    Pascale Boucicaut: (Home)sick Chicken Soup: Sancocho

  • In old San Juan, Puerto Rico, only a fellow chef would have led a hungry gang of mainland cooks to the best spot for heady sancocho, and another for a textbook lechon, that ideal expression of the pig and its juxtaposition of crispy, juicy, and fatty.

    Michael Laiskonis: Travel Like a Chef

  • The end product was certainly a sancocho for my homesick soul.

    Pascale Boucicaut: (Home)sick Chicken Soup: Sancocho

  • Pepper is aptly named, the spice added to the sancocho Buckell is brewing.

    Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell – review

  • We mixed some hurricanes 151, Rum and chinola concentrate, blended with ice, devoured the sancocho and waited for the rain… and waited… and waited for the wind… and waited.

    Rain, Rain, Go Away!

  • A few of my friends and I decided to welcome Hurricane Ike with a hurricane party, complete with hurricane drinks and a sancocho – a typical Dominican dish, which is basically a soup with every meat thinkable (which I happily left for my meat-eating friends) and every type of vivere (platanos, potatoes, yucca, etc) found in the DR.

    Rain, Rain, Go Away!

  • At the Monserrate Restaurant in the heart of Miami's Little Havana district, diners can wash down a bowl of sancocho stew with Colombiana soda.

    Immigration: The New Americanos

  • Known throughout the Americas as sancocho, this dish is claimed by every Latin country as the true and only one.

    Havana Salsa


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  • A traditional soup/stew in several Spanish and Latin American cuisines whose variations represent popular national dishes in the Canary Islands of Spain, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Argentina, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. It usually consists of pieces of meat and vegetables served in a broth or some sort, creamy or otherwise. Derived in part, at least in the Caribbean, from Puchero Canario or sancocho from Canary Island immigrants to Latin America.

    September 24, 2009