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  • n. Scotch forms of soap.


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  • LH kat sleeve diaorg tu. .rasanya tribute untuk sape ntah ... columbus crew pakai gak ..

    FC Dallas 2008/2009 team kits

  • Iie,, sebenernya aku lagi berjuang buat ke LA, karna PAPA dengan kejamnya ga ngasi aku tiket gratis * sape loo??

    mayoineko Diary Entry

  • Your husband might look more like an ape than a human; he might act more like an sape than a human; he may swing through trees at a terrific rate making the appropriate noises; he may even contribute at TalkOrigins!

    Golden Oldies: Transitional Fossils - The Panda's Thumb

  • Here we find that by talking with great emphasis in the very broadest Scotch -- by simply calling soap _sape_ and a church a _kirk_ you can quite frequently bring it off and make yourself understood.

    Punch or the London Charivari, Vol. 147, November 11, 1914

  • Alswa doð monie of þas wi {m} men heo smurieð heom mid blanchet þ̵ is þes deofles sape ⁊ claþeð heom mid ȝeoluwe claþe þ̵ is þes deofles helft {er}. ⁊ seodðan heo lokieð  {115} in þe scawere. þ̵ is þes deofles hindene.

    Selections from early Middle English, 1130-1250 Part I: Texts

  • Client library to link trade services (sape. ru, linkfeed. ru) linkzilla is a client library to link trade services (sape. ru, linkfeed. ru).

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • Joe: Hi pimp my ride I hav a car mitsbis can u giv me a new sape for that plz gem: Lot of people is at risk for asbestos-exposure and eventually will get high possibility of developing cancer of the lung lining.

    The Sietch Blog

  • Hamba Allah: Sapa la yg dibelasah dan sape pulak la yg membelasah tu kan?


  • Fawwaz LOL betul eh KL takde bullshit in that form? hahaha. i wonder did you ... xun sape la yang attack ko pasal 'heart-heart

    Planet Malaysia

  • Macam-macam permainan diadakan untuk kanak-kanak yang hadir termasuklah games balut badan dengan tisu, kutip sampah; sape paling ramai kutip sampah, dia yang menang dan pertandingan prince



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  • Though this word doesn't really have an official definition, i think it should mean something along the lines of taught or tight. "His skin was sape against his bones." I think the definition fits the mouthfeel of the word.

    February 20, 2012